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          1. 成都萬達瑞華酒店wanda reign chengdu

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            • 成都
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            • 100-499人
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            成都萬達瑞華酒店wanda reign chengdu簡介

            感謝您點擊進入此頁面。為了解更多酒店詳情及我們的職位空缺情況,您可在每周一至周五下午2:00至5:00期間親臨酒店b2人力資源部,我們將隨時準備為您提供相關資訊服務。您也可先瀏覽此頁面,快速獲得相關信息。無論哪種途徑,我們都非常感謝您對我酒店的關注。thank you for loging in this webpage.&nbsp; to obtai more information on our property and our openings, you may visit our hr office every tuesday to friday after 14:00pm.&nbsp; the information listed below will also support you to better understand us.&nbsp; no matter which channel you approach us, we would like to express again our appreciation.成都萬達瑞華酒店是萬達酒店及度假村管理有限公司旗下第二家,也是西南地區首家超奢華酒店。an icon of luxury, wanda reign chengdu is the second wanda reign hotel owned and managed by wanda hotels &amp; resorts.成都萬達瑞華酒店坐落于成都繁華商業區,位于景色旖旎的濱江中路,距成都雙流國際機場僅25分鐘車程,距成都火車東站也20分鐘車程。置身于41層的空中大堂,迷人城景盡收眼底。located on binjiang middle road, chengdu’s business district, wanda reign chengdu is only 25-minute from chengdu shuangliu international airport and 20-minute from chengdu east railway station. enjoy the panoramic city view while you sit down in our sky lobby which is on level 41.酒店擁有240間典雅絕美的客房與套房, 讓至尊精英于下榻的每時每刻都能盡享非凡的舒適與低調的奢華。三間餐廳酒吧供應精致美食:“品珍”中餐廳呈現粵系美食和川菜之精髓;“美食匯”提供美味炙烤及別有情調的招牌零點;大堂酒廊氛圍優雅,商務聚會兩相宜。rest and rejuvenate with elite pleasure of the hotel's 240 extravagant rooms and suites. savor chengdu's nicest cuisine in the hotel's three restaurants and bars: zhen chinese restaurant captures the essence of cantonese and sichuan cuisine. café reign features an extensive choice of mouth-watering grills and exquisite a-la-carte dishes. lobby lounge’s stylish environment is the perfect place to relax with live entertainment.1150平方米的無柱式大宴會廳配備90平方米led顯示屏,6間多功能會議室配置了全城頂尖的高科技設備。設施齊全的健身中心,大型室內恒溫游泳池提供全新的休閑健身體驗。the 1150 sqm pillar-less grand ballroom has a built-in 90 sqm led screen and 6 function rooms have the most advanced facilities in town. the fully equipped health club and the in-door heated swimming pool provide a great space to refresh.無論是商界精英,新貴名流還是環球旅行家,每個人都需要屬于自己的放松空間。位于酒店6層至7層的名仕會,是專為城中精英而設的尊貴空間。 在星河酒吧與商業伙伴醉入成都夜生活,與朋友在時空ktv盡享歡唱體驗,和愛人在shui水療中心踏上身心煥發之旅, 或是同家人在游宴中餐廳品味精致淮揚美食。在此專屬精英的奢華休閑去處,盡享無限尊崇。whether a seasoned businessman, an enthusiastic globetrotter or even a romantic couple getting away from it all, everyone needs to unwind and relax. club reign is an exclusive club for city elites and is recognized as the place to be seen. experience the extravagant lifestyle of galaxy bar with business partners, enjoy the luxury universe ktv with friends, rejuvenate with loved ones at shui spa or savor the exquisite huaiyang DEL icacies at river drunk with family.

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